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Introducing Angela

ANGELA is an automated 24/7 medical front desk receptionist and an online appointment scheduler. Designed to be a physician office assistant, she can take phone calls from patients, engage in natural language dialogs with them, search and schedule appointments of their choices, or forward their calls to office emergency contact or voicemail when needed. To help slash patient no-shows, ANGELA makes automated telephone reminder calls to patients every day in their preferred language.

ANGELA is an excellent long-term cost-efficient business solution for staff shortage problems faced by many doctors; she works 24/7, needs no maintenance, and is exceptionally reliable and very easy-to-use.

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Online Scheduler With A Modern Visual Design

In addition to being an efficient medical office receptionist, ANGELA is also an online medical appointment scheduler with a very modern visual user interface. It can auto sync your data with Google Calendar so that your can check your appointments from an iPhone, BlackBerry or by text messaging SMS to your cell phone. The scheduler's beautiful graphic design, superb easy-to-use interface have received praise by many ( play demo ).


If you are a doctor

If you are a doctorYour office will experience improved work efficiency when ANGELA becomes your 24/7 backup medical receptionist. She will be answering medical calls anytime when your staff is busy, away from front desk, or when your office is closed. ANGELA can not only schedule patient appointments but also drastically reduce your patient no-shows by making appointment reminder calls to your patients in their preferred languages!
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If you are a patient

If you are a doctorYou will no longer be put on-hold or speak to the voice mail box when your doctor's staff is busy or when the office is closed. ANGELA is there 24/7 answering medical calls and listening to your request. She can speak to you naturally, schedule a doctor appointment for you or connect you to the emergency contact without delay...
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If you are a doctor assistant

If you are a doctorAre you multi-tasking every day? You certainly would appreciate having ANGELA free you from time-consuming, repetitive routines. No more constant interruptions by non-emergency matter calls! No more calling every patient to deliver the same appointment reminder message! Once ANGELA is on board, you'll be able to focus on important patient care tasks.
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