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Bronze Package $35/mo
OnLine Appointment Scheduler

This HIPPA compliant online doctor appointment scheduler will provide doctors and small business owners the "Anywhere, Anytime" access and customer self-service functions that a conventional window-based scheduler cannot provide.

The frequent business travelers who often find themselves without computer or Internet connection, can sync appointment data to Google Calendar and check their business schedule from their handheld devices such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or Smart-Phone.

In addition to the typical functions required for business appointments, our web-based appointment scheduler offers many features that are valuable to medical practices and small business. Bronze package features include:

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Silver Package $85/mo
Scheduler + Telephone Reminder

For an average medical practice, saving ONE appointment per month is all it takes for this package to pay itself. If your business suffers from no-show, this package will be a money-maker for you!

Designed to help doctors reverse typical patient no-show problems this online scheduler with automated telephone reminder delivers automated appointment reminder calls in each patient's preferred language. Detailed call records can be easily accessible from your scheduler. Supported languages include English, Spanish, French and Chinese. Silver package features include:

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Gold Package $1/call
Pay-per-call Medical Receptionist

This Pay-per-call virtual medical receptionist package will be your most efficient after-hours medical answering service and 24/7 front-desk backup receptionist. Callers can request ANGELA to either set up an appointment, dispatch the call to a clinic emergency contact (phone or pager), or simply leave a voicemail. Patient calls can be forwarded to ANGELA when staff is busy, or off work. Detailed call logs are provided and you pay for the successful calls only. Gold package features include:

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Platinum Package $385/mo
Flat-Rate Receptionist + Reminder

Designed to help under-staffed clinics with high patient call volume, this package offers ALL features of virtual medical receptionist ANGELA at a monthly flat-rate. Platinum package features include:

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Add-On Features (I)
Listing and Monthly Fee

These add-on features are designed to meet the business needs that are often different from one service provider to another. Most of the features are, in fact, developed based on feedback or suggestions from our customers.

Add-On Features (II)
Listing and Monthly Fee

10 Good Reasons to Hire An Automated Backup Receptionist

  1. Improved Business Efficiency: Virtual receptionist can do trivial tasks with excellent reliability at much lower cost.

  2. Increased Clinic Income: Automated receptionist will reduce your patient no-shows rate, free up more staff time, and allow them to focus on patient care and medical billing.

  3. Happier Patients: Your patients will no longer get busy phone lines, be transferred to voicemail, or hear "sorry our office is closed" messages. They can make patient web appointments 24/7 from your website or just by calling ANGELA.

  4. Happier Staff: Your staff will be happier to be free of those repetitive, time-consuming routines!

  5. ANGELA is 100% Maintenance Free: We maintain and back up your online medical appointment scheduler information on a secured server. You will not have to deal with any hardware or software or computer glitches.

  6. Self-Service Calls Can Also Reach Your Staff when necessary: Patient's calls will be transferred from ANGELA to your clinics either by their voice command or when speech-recognition fails.

  7. No-Risk Free Trial Available: All our our package offer one month free trial. You are not required to sign any contract. The service is renewed only by your payment each month. You have the control to stop service anytime by stopping the payment.

  8. No Patient Database Migration is Required: Our system can read your existing patient data from Excel sheet. Yet all of packages also allow patient id be added on-the-fly when they make appointment. You can start using the service without converting your exiting patient database into our system.

  9. Your Data is secured: We safeguard your data and your web server with the best available technologies.

  10. Free Online 24/7 Tech Support: The free online support is included for the life time of all packages.

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